Phase Four – Evaluation

A key element of our project is evaluation, which ensures the effectiveness and impact of our program on the community. The voices of first responders, family members and friends, simulated participants, community partners, and external evaluators are crucial for us.

Family members and friends are invited to participate in one-to-one interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires at various time points throughout the project lifespan. We hope to understand their experiences and the effectiveness of the training by evaluating the short-term effects (before and after) and the long-term impact (after 6 to 9 months) of the training. First responders associated with the family member or friend (participant) will be invited to complete similar questionnaires and attend interviews or focus groups, based on their preferences. Furthermore, feedback from our simulated participants will also be incorporated into our evaluation process.

The information provided by one-on-one interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires will help evaluate the training intervention and provide an in-depth understanding of participant experiences. We hope that this project will impact not just our participants, but wider first responder organisations and communities in general.