Dr Angeline Traynor

Dr Angeline Traynor

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Dr Angeline Traynor is a research psychologist, and a postdoctoral researcher at the SIM Centre for Simulation Education and Research at RCSI, Dublin. She is an experienced researcher in mental health and wellbeing, early learning, child development, qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Angeline has served as an assistant lecturer at the School of Psychology, National University of Ireland (NUI) Galway and as a researcher with the Early Learning Initiative at the National College of Ireland. During her Masters in Health Psychology, she studied health and behaviour change and developed a mindfulness based stress reduction intervention for adults with chronic headache pain. During her Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Health, her research focused on the co-production, development and evaluation of a cognitive behaviour therapy based intervention for children with chronic pain and their caregivers.

Angeline’s research and training has allowed her to work collaboratively with mental health professionals at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin and Temple Street Children’s Hospital and with community partners including Arthritis Ireland and Chronic Pain Ireland and more recently with Mental Health Ireland and Dublin Civil Defence. She has served as a member of numerous research teams including the Centre for Pain Research and the mHealth Research Group at NUI Galway. Angeline was awarded funding to undertake a research trip to the University of Toronto, Pain Research Summer School and has presented at National and International Conferences.

Angeline’s research interests are in the areas of mental health and wellbeing, social support, intervention development and the use of simulation as a training and investigative methodology